Mobile trading on the rise - MarketSimplified

Source: MarketSimplified

MarketSimplified, a leading global provider of mobile platforms for the financial services sector, is pleased to announce new trading statistics that demonstrate the growing momentum and demand for mobile trading applications for financial markets.

"The usage and trading volumes on the Market Simplified platform demonstrate the growing popularity of mobile applications for trading in financial markets," said Venkat Rangan, Co-Founder & CEO of MarketSimplified. "Increasingly, online traders are going mobile for the convenience and ability to trade, invest and check information on demand and this is a trend that we forecast will continue to increase rapidly as technology migrates from the desktop to the mobile device."

"When we look at our clients, an estimated 5-7% of trades across multiple asset classes are now executed through mobile platforms provided by MarketSimplified," added Mr. Rangan. "By looking at our data and speaking with our partner firms, we know that an estimated 15-17% of traders who access their account on a mobile device now execute the majority of their trades through that device."

As of May this year, 350,000 traders were using the Market Simplified platform. Clients that have partnered with MarketSimplified include large brokerages such as FXCM (NYSE: FXCM). Market Simplified recorded a YOY growth of 150 % in the number of trades on its platform.

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