Red Box taps mobiles through landline recording kit

Source: Red Box

Red Box Recorders is launching its own embedded mobile phone recording solution making it the first and only major voice-recording vendor in the world to develop its own technology to cover this vital area.

It follows a unique decision by the company to offer customers a solution that does not discriminate between mobile and landline recording through price or functionality.

Designed to meet the stringent FSA requirements, the fully compliant mobile recording solution treats mobile recording as any other end point and does not charge the customer a premium. As it does not need additional software licenses, expensive upgrades or complex integration software the Red Box mobile phone recording solution is about half the cost of the alternatives currently on the market.

It works seamlessly with the existing Red Box fixed line recording solutions and is available as on premise or hosted recording system with the option for subscription based pricing. It can also be covered by customers' existing maintenance agreements.

Iain Worthington CEO at Red Box, said: "Other providers have chosen to rely entirely upon multiple third party products to handle mobile recording and, as a result, their solutions have become overly complicated and expensive. We decided to use our specialist skills and resources to develop our own solution which continues the Red Box ethos of providing solutions that are simple, easy to use and cost effective. "

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