Options Pipe lowers latency for Japanese markets with SR Labs

Source: Options IT

Options IT, the provider of the Options PIPE Private Financial Cloud services platform for the sell side and buy side, announced today that SR Labs, a leading provider of market data feed handlers for high-frequency trading strategies, has deployed two ultra-low latency feed-handling solutions for the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) on the Options PIPE platform.

This joint offering provides trading firms worldwide with the first cost-effective, managed low-latency market data solution for Japanese markets. Engineered and optimized to provide ultra-low latency market data feed handling for the TSE's Arrowhead platform, SR Labs now offers both multicast/shared memory (MDRC) and in-process (MIPS) feed handling solutions as an on-demand private cloud service via Options PIPE Velocity.

The move comes as U.S. and European trading firms increasingly look to migrate their high-frequency trading strategies to the Asian markets. Both improved exchange speed and market liquidity during the last year have made Asian markets more attractive for firms deploying low-latency trading strategies.

"Since the launch of Arrowhead in early 2010 and the subsequent launch of Chi-X Japan in July, the Asian market region has quickly developed the speed, liquidity and opportunity for arbitrage that is required for the growth of low-latency trading," said Srinivasan Ramiah, CEO of SR Labs. "We're pleased to extend our relationship with Options IT, a leading low-latency infrastructure provider."

Nigel Kneafsey, CEO of Options IT, added: "During the last six months we've seen demand spike for ultra-low latency trading solutions for the TSE Arrowhead market as conditions become more favorable for high-frequency trading. We're delighted to work with SR Labs, a leading provider of low-latency feed handling solutions to the trading community, to provide a complete managed technology solution to support increased demand in the region."

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