Exegy Ticker Plant scales up with Edge Cache

Source: Exegy

Exegy, Inc., the market data appliance company, announced today a new market data distribution product - the Exegy Edge Cache - based on the Exegy Ticker Plant.

It is now possible for Exegy customers to connect hundreds of market data consumers to their Exegy Ticker Plant installations by plugging in the Exegy Edge Cache.

Scott Parsons, Chief Architect and Chief Scientist at Exegy said, "Customers can plug-in the 1U (1 ¾ inch high) Exegy Edge Cache appliance to a port on the core Exegy Ticker Plant to distribute market data to multiple client applications that connect to the south side of the device using a variety of protocols. We've engineered the Exegy Edge Cache as an easy-to-deploy appliance to enable customers to scale their use of the Exegy Ticker Plant in an economic and sustainable fashion".

"The Exegy Edge Cache includes support for Informatica's LBM distribution architecture as well as TCP/IP." added Parsons. "This makes it easy for customers with large scale enterprise installations to adopt the Exegy Edge Cache as a rapid, cost effective and simple deployment within their existing network infrastructure".

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