Alliance & Leicester International launches offshore Web banking service

Source: Alliance & Leicester International Limited

'Anytime, anywhere, anyplace' banking is today launched by offshore savings bank, Alliance & Leicester International Limited (ALIL).

The bank's new Internet banking service MyBankOffshore enables clients to track their accounts online – 24 hours a day – with access to:
  • the current balance
  • the current interest rate
  • the transaction history, and
  • details of interest paid.

    In addition, ALIL's service will include a secure messaging system allowing customers to communicate directly with the bank at any time of the day.

    Using MyBankOffshore, customers will be able to:
  • download account information
  • instruct changes in account details
  • send the bank information or make enquiries, and
  • instruct transactions from a minimum of £1,000 to a maximum of £25,000, US$25,000, or €25,000 for US Dollar and Euro accounts respectively.

    For security reasons, electronic transfers will be restricted to nominated accounts, ensuring peace of mind for the customer. The service will be made available to customers who apply on-line, after the bank has established customers' access rights using a secure registration process.

    The MyBankOffshore service was developed by ALIL after an extensive survey of available internet banking systems and has been designed to meet the needs of the bank's worldwide customer base.

    Customers of ALIL across the globe living in various time zones will be able to use MyBankOffshore to access their accounts and send messages to the bank at any time. With the bank's customer's spread across 141 countries, from the USA to Australia and Europe, this service will provide a significant and flexible new method of dealing with the bank.

    The Internet banking service follows the success of ALIL's re-designed website, which was launched in January 2005. The bank's website has seen a significant increase in site traffic. Visitor 'hits' stood at 50,763 for the month of January 2005, compared with 27,884 for the month of January 2004 – a staggering 82 per cent increase. There has also been a noticeable rise in new visitors to the site. In January 2005 there were 4,694 new visitors compared with 3,420 in January 2004 – an increase of 37 per cent.

    Simon Hull, Managing Director of Alliance & Leicester International Limited, commented: "With a large percentage of our customer base in far off places, we knew there would be a need for internet banking. As with all of Alliance & Leicester International's major developments, we asked our customers what features they wanted from an internet banking service. Taking the feedback on board we developed the comprehensive MyBankOffshore facility in line with their needs and we are confident that it will receive a positive response, especially from those expats in different time zones to ourselves. From today our customers will have the freedom to control all aspects of their accounts with the assurance that it is safe and secure, all from the comfort of their own home, wherever they live."
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