Collis test tools get Canada approval from American Express

Source: Collis

Collis announces today that it has developed Collis Brand Test Tool for EMV POS Terminal Certifications to process American Express.

Collis has developed Collis Brand Test Tool (Collis BTT) according to the American Express ICC Payment Specification (AEIPS) for the Canadian market. All card images and test cases required for the American Express EMV Test Plan are included within Collis BTT.

Collis BTT enables acquirers and vendors to validate the American Express payment brand testing of their EMV POS terminals. Brand testing is a core component in the overall certification process designed to facilitate problem free acceptance of cards from payment card networks such as American Express.

Collis BTT can simulate any EMV card and can simulate errors (failures) to test a terminal's response to that error. As a result, interoperability issues can be detected before terminals are deployed in the field.

"American Express continues to expand our Chip & PIN program in Canada, and we are pleased to partner with Collis" said Colin Temple of Head of Merchant Services, American Express Canada. "With Collis Brand Test Tool, our merchants and industry partners have a new option for EMV Terminal Certifications that will allow them to complete this process quickly and with ease".

Berend van Geffen, Chief Commercial Officer, adds: "Collis is very pleased to enable American Express brand testing and terminal certification for Canada. Collis BTT ensures customer satisfaction through successful card payments. The ultimate goal of Collis BTT is to have EMV-compliant and American Express-certified terminals which can perform trouble-free transactions within the entire payment infrastructure."

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