Vasco launches Digipass Key 101

Source: Vasco Data Security International

Vasco Data Security International (Nasdaq: VDSI), a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today launches Digipass Key 101,a USB-based PKI solution for strong authentication, digital signatures and data protection.

DIGIPASS KEY 101 offers secure remote access and digital signatures in a single 'plug-and-play' device with an extremely sturdy and portable design. It can be used for various purposes such as desktop and application log-on, disk encryption, and transaction signing. It combines the strength of certificate-based authentication with the simplicity and portability of a built-in USB reader. The solution is part of VASCO's PKI-based product line and is used in conjunction with DIGIPASS CertiID, a client-based software suite offering digital signing capabilities.

DIGIPASS KEY 101 has been developed to meet the security needs of large corporations, governments and banks looking to deploy certificate-based authentication to large end-user groups in a straightforward manner. The solution is ideal for securing business-critical information and applications, identity management and banking and e-government transactions. With regards to banking, DIGIPASS KEY 101 helps financial institutions to comply with more stringent financial regulation (Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA). In non-banking environments, the solution enables corporations and online application providers to offer secure access to customers, partners or employees in a very cost-efficient manner as no card readers need to be installed at the client's side and it requires no additional hardware investments.
DIGIPASS KEY 101 product benefits:
• Enhanced security: DIGIPASS KEY 101 offers a solution for strong authentication, secure access and secure transactions. It is ideally suited to protect desktop access and secure data through digital signing. All signing operations will require a PIN-code.
• Reduced costs: DIGIPASS KEY 101 offers full smart card capability with the benefit of not having to invest in smart card readers. It has been specifically designed for mass deployment. It fits standard postal rates to facilitate postal shipment for large deployments.
• Coonvenience of use: DIGIPASS KEY 101 has been designed to simplify the complexity of PKI-environments. It is an ultimate user-friendly solution that doesn't require understanding or prior knowledge about PKI for the end-user. It is a small, light weight device, making it ultra-portable, thus enhancing end-user mobility. It can also be used by users using different workstations.
• Supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS x without installment of dedicated drivers

"With the launch of DIGIPASS KEY 101 VASCO extends its PKI product offering", says Jan Valcke, President and COO of VASCO Data Security. "DIGIPASS KEY 101 offers strong two-factor authentication based on PKI, combining the simplicity of a USB device with the capabilities of a cryptographic smart card. The solution provides multi-platform support and an unmatched user convenience and is therefore extremely well suited for mass deployments, enabling banks, corporations and application providers alike to provide their customers, partners and employees with certificate based security in a straightforward manner."


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