TradingScreen introduces position and portfolio risk analysis package

Source: TradingScreen

TradingScreen, the premier provider of global execution management systems (EMS), today announced the launch of a comprehensive position and portfolio risk analysis package that is fully integrated into its TradeSmart execution platform.

The launch marks the first time an EMS provider has offered clients fully integrated risk analytics at the order / execution level, taking risk analysis from a post-trade process, to an active, forward-looking approach at the trading-desk level.

"TradeSmart's new risk analytics help customers anticipate risk, and provide additional insight into the implications of trading decisions on the fly," said Philippe Buhannic, CEO of TradingScreen. "This gives TradingScreen clients an edge over other investors who may be viewing risk in a separate pre-trade system, or reacting after the trade has already taken place."

The combination of a sophisticated risk package represents a significant benefit to TradeSmart users, as they will now have the ability to measure portfolio, position, and individual position risk seamlessly at the execution level. The system also incorporates the risk analysis of hypothetical trades and portfolio reallocations enabling users to understand exposure effects prior to executing orders. The TradeSmart risk package is applicable across global, multi-asset, multi-currency portfolios and positions, an important feature for Buy Side clients managing diverse, global investments.

The addition of a powerful suite of risk analysis tools to the TradingScreen environment also lets clients dynamically generate exposure analysis calculations on portfolios, baskets, and individual positions. Users have the ability to dynamically apply several quantitative measurements, such as multi-model volatility, index correlations, betas, and Value At Risk (VaR). Calculations can be requested and executed in several existing TradeSmart views, allowing those already familiar with the environment to rapidly create actionable and valuable risk analysis results.

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