Unicorn Asset Management rolls out StatPro Revolution

Source: StatPro Group

StatPro Group plc,a leading provider of portfolio analytics and data solutions for the global asset management industry, and Phoenix Fund Services, a UK and Ireland-based fund administration service provider, today have pleasure in announcing that they have successfully completed their first implementation of Revolution, StatPro's new cloud-based analytics suite, for Unicorn Asset Management.

The deal follows StatPro Revolution being successfully trialled by Phoenix, which provides a comprehensive range of investment administration services to specialist and boutique investment management firms. Phoenix has now decided to offer the StatPro Revolution platform to all of its clients.

StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analysis service offering performance, attribution, risk management and reporting for portfolio managers around the world. It was created to answer the industry's priorities - improving communication, transparency and distribution, whilst cutting costs.

Steve King, Founder of Phoenix Fund Services, commented: "StatPro Revolution enables Phoenix to provide our clients with access to the most sophisticated portfolio analysis and reporting at a great price. Our clients will be able to see a complete picture of their portfolio asset allocation, risk performance and attribution. We opted for Revolution because of the simplicity and quality of the StatPro proposition, in addition to its outstanding value for money and the ease with which Phoenix has been able to integrate it into our comprehensive service proposition. Revolution provides real added value to our clients, who are sophisticated boutique and specialist investment managers that in the past would have struggled to justify the costs of accessing such a quality service."

Philip John, Finance Director of Unicorn Asset Managment: "We are delighted that Phoenix has been so proactive in delivering Statpro Revolution to its clients. The ease with which it has been possible to implement the service, the quality of what Statpro Revolution delivers and the price provide a compelling combination that can only enhance the performance we deliver to our clients."

Justin Wheatley, CEO of StatPro Group plc commented: "We are really delighted to provide Revolution to Phoenix Fund Services and its clients. Thanks to StatPro Revolution, investmement firms of all sizes can now afford to provide accurate reporting and analysis to their clients. We call it 'analytics for the people' and we're proud to be helping the industry to become more transparent."

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