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Tieto's new solution enables banks to provide advanced online services through smartphones. The pocket bank brings customized bank services to consumer's handsets.

The interface to the user's e-bank solution is always reachable: One touch on the phone shows the bank customers' personalized view. The new mobile banking solution is based on a joint Mobile Finance Services (MOFS) research program of Tieto, Nokia and Aalto University.

Customizable pocket bank shows up-to-date notifications on bank account events and balance, reminds of bills to be paid, and gives a guide map to the nearest cash machine. Additional services can also be included - such as online insurance assistance right on the spot of a car accident, and instant help in issuing the insurance claim. The services can be used with a single, well secured login action. Notifications are cost free in contrast to SMS-based technology with a delivery cost.

This is the first mobile banking solution of its kind in Europe. The next version developed in MOFS research program has already aroused interest among many banks, and the first commercial applications are expected to be launched during the year 2011.

Sirpa Riihiaho, teaching researcher of strategic usability from Aalto University, explains: "Smartphone owners are already used to applications that make life easier. Money related needs often arise on an ad hoc basis, and managing such situations flexibly was welcomed among the test group. The most preferred features included the possibility to quickly check the bank account balance in shops before purchase decisions and to provide immediate micro loans for friends."

Sami Uski, Advisor at Tieto Financial Services, explains: "Pocket bank is a new cost efficient concept within the finance industry. It helps to offer instant, proactive and personalized services and creates engaging customer experiences. This provides a new competitive advance for banks that want to lead the consumer markets and to use a cost free notification channel."

Pocket bank is a part of Tieto's new concept which aims to modernize customer service in the banking sector by bundling all online and traditional service operations into one streamlined consumer experience. Tieto's service package includes all stages of customer service design, from creating a strategy and the concept design, to deployment and operating the service. Read more about Tieto's solutions for the financial services industry.


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