VeriFone and Micros Systems team on NFC mobile payments for restaurants

Source: VeriFone Systems

VeriFone Systems (NYSE: PAY), and Micros Systems (NASDAQ: MCRS), today announced a solution that integrates restaurant management systems with smart mobile devices, allowing consumers to pay at the table with electronic wallets on mobile phones utilizing Near Field Communications (NFC).

The solution, which accommodates traditional payment cards and other mobile applications such as line-busting, is being demonstrated here this week at the NRA 2011 show (MICROS booth #4200).

As the premier providers in, respectively, the secure payments and hospitality solutions markets, VeriFone and MICROS are partnering to deliver the first practical NFC service that will allow restaurants to accommodate an emerging wave of NFC-enabled applications, including payments and redemption of electronic coupons and promotions.

Central to the integrated solution is the VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise mobile POS system, which adapts smartphones and wireless PDAs to securely accept payment transactions and utilizes VeriFone services to interface with MICROS table management and order management solutions as well as the card payment networks.

"This integration with VeriFone will enable MICROS to provide multiple mobile products on one single platform, rather than requiring separate devices for separate functions," said MICROS Chief Technology Officer Michael L. Russo. "In addition, MICROS and VeriFone are creating a must-have bridge to bring fast-emerging NFC payments to the table."

NFC is a standards-based two-way communications technology that makes it easier for electronic devices, such as smartphones, to exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. It is interoperable with existing contactless card technologies.

In the payments world, NFC enables an electronic transaction infrastructure for contactless payment, loyalty and value-added applications to be utilized by consumers via a mobile wallet that contains electronic versions of credit and debit cards, loyalty accounts, and gift cards.

"Widespread adoption of NFC requires a restaurant solution, but consumers are not willing to hand over their mobile phones to the wait staff," said Paul Rasori, VeriFone senior vice president of marketing. "MICROS and VeriFone are combining forces to deliver a low-cost, services-based solution that allows restaurants to provide NFC payment convenience to consumers without having to make a large, up-front investment."

PAYware Mobile Enterprise incorporates a PCI-approved PIN debit keypad, which allows merchants to leverage dramatically lower transaction costs, as well as a 2D bar code scanner for tasks such as inventory control. With PAYware Mobile Enterprise, items can be scanned, payment cards accepted and receipts emailed to customers or transmitted to a nearby wireless printer with ease.

The integrated solution is expected to be available from select resellers in the second half of the year.


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