FX Capital Group launches FX2.0

Source: FX Capital Group

FX Capital Group, a technology-led deliverable currency broker is pleased to announce the launch of FX2.0 - a new style of brokerage for transactions from £1 to £1 million, which is 100% aligned with the customer.

Using sophisticated technology and the 'power of platform', FX2.0 removes opaqueness from the currency markets for transactions in the £1-£1million range by:
- Delivering 100% transparent, consistent and fair currency pricing
- Empowering SMEs to understand their 'true currency cost'
- Removing the marketing myths of '100% commission free', 'no payment fees' and 'better than bank pricing'

FX2.0 technology has created a new landscape for deliverable FX by empowering customers to make informed decisions when purchasing currency. Customers can now see their true currency costs in real-time or historically - whether trading with their existing bank, broker or with FX Capital Group.

The goal of FX2.0 is to re-establish trust in the SME/broker relationship.

Nigel Verdon, CEO and founder of FX Capital Group, says 'FX Capital Group is delighted to evolve the currency brokerage market by being 100% transparent and consistent with customers. Many existing brokerages and banks claim to offer great things to their customers that are simply not true, for example "commission free" - so we invite all SMEs to take a closer look at these claims and realise they now have the opportunity to fully understand the true cost of their currency with FX2.0'


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