ISE to monitor options platform latency with Corvil

Source: Corvil

Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance trading and market data, today announced that the International Securities Exchange (ISE) is deploying Corvil's latency management solutions for full monitoring and reporting of latency throughout its new options trading system running on Deutsche Borse Group's Optimise(TM) architecture.

Corvil will be used to benchmark and manage internal system latencies as well as monitor and measure latency between ISE members and the new trading system.

CorvilNet will meet ISE's need for a latency management solution that can handle both the network and application layers in a single platform. It was critical for ISE to find a system that could measure and report latency in real-time for all order transaction flows and market data feeds while also managing all aspects of network speed and performance simultaneously. CorvilNet's unified approach enables immediate identification of the source and root-cause of latency whether it is in the application layer or the network layer. The scale and performance requirements for ISE's options trading system present a new level of challenge for latency monitoring systems with transaction and message processing volumes reaching multiple millions per second. The CorvilNet platform is uniquely capable of handling these volume levels while offering nanosecond precision visibility to latency on every packet, message and transaction.

"With the launch of Optimise, ISE's new, best-in-class trading system is positioned at the forefront of the highly competitive U.S. options industry. Demonstrating the true latency performance of our system and assuring the lowest latency access for our members is critical. In teaming with Corvil, we have selected a trusted brand and product that will enable ISE to offer our members the highest levels of latency transparency and performance predictability available on an options market," said ISE's Chief Information Officer, Daniel Friel.

ISE's members will now be able to take advantage of CorvilClear, a real-time interparty latency management solution between the exchange and its members. The CorvilClear latency peering engine allows members to establish latency channels for continuous real-time measurement of order flow, market data feeds and network connectivity latency between the member site and ISE. CorvilClear facilitates rapid troubleshooting of latency issues between both parties due to the increased levels of latency transparency and use of a common tool suite.

"Optimise is a highly innovative trading architecture that pushes the boundaries of speed and performance. With these new systems, market participants need to see continuous and precise measurements of actual experienced speed and performance throughout the trading day such that assumptions within their trading strategies can be de-risked and optimized. We are delighted that ISE has selected our CorvilNet and CorvilClear solutions to assure and provide this capability," said Corvil CEO, Donal Byrne.

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