MIT Federal Credit Union deploys IMM remote signature technology

Source: Integrated Media Management

Integrated Media Management (IMM), a document output management and automation technology provider, today announced that MIT Federal Credit Union has successfully implemented its TotaleAtlasWeb remote signature capture and document delivery solution as part of the strategy to provide a true virtual branch, enabling members to complete any transaction remotely that they can also fulfill in-branch.

Introducing IMM's TotaleAtlasWeb in mid-January this year, MIT FCU funded 16 percent of its loans for the month through e-signatures, and increased that to 23 percent in February and then up to 37 percent for March.

Unique to MIT FCU's implementation of TotaleAtlasWeb, IMM developed an authentication procedure specific to foreign students or employees in the country on VISAs and without a Social Security Number. With such a prominence of this demographic, MIT FCU needed a way to serve these members as equally as others, without sacrificing security and enforceability that the TotaleAtlasWeb platform provides. IMM recognized the need to electronically accommodate non-SSN holding members by providing a safe and secure public key infrastructure (PKI) signature solution as is available to all the MIT FCU members.

Kathryn Carty, vice president of information technology at MIT FCU, explained, "There were multiple reasons behind our strategy to deliver consumer loans via e-documents: to enhance member experience by delivering instant loan funding anywhere around the globe, to streamline our processes and to create operational efficiencies. The functionality of IMM's TotaleAtlasWeb helped us achieve these goals while delivering the value-added benefit of retaining robust relationships with our members as they leave the geographical footprint of the Institute."

With only three branches that are relatively close together, electronic access is key to MIT FCU's continued growth and competitiveness. IMM's TotaleAtlasWeb provides secure document viewing for credit union members to complete documents online, 24/7. Additionally, the solution provides PKI digital signature capture via the Web for the most secure, enforceable remote signature technology available. TotaleAtlasWeb has simplified the process for the credit union staff by reducing workload and the number of touches required to each document, and has added more convenience for members. The previous funding process would take days, yet TotaleAtlasWeb changes that to minutes. The first loan that MIT FCU funded via a digital signature was for a local member who applied, signed and had the account funded within 20 minutes.

"Remote digital signatures align with MIT FCU's larger virtual branch philosophy, and can bring the same value and rewards to any institution leveraging this technology," explained Chuck Klein, CEO of Integrated Media Management. "Credit unions need solutions that contribute to member retention and growth while also proving to have a financial impact on operations. TotaleAtlasWeb does that."

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