Wiener Borse introduces Last Trast Product for real-time end users of cash market data

Source: Vienna Stock Exchange

The Vienna Stock Exchange has introduced the Last Trade Product for realtime end users for cash market data.

It contains post trade data, defined as trade information with prices and sizes at strongly reduced prices per end-user.

As a response to the current discussions about the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) all FESE member exchanges have committed themselves to unbundle post-trade from pre trade data and make post-trade data available separately at a reasonable cost. This joint effort will lower the costs of consolidated post-trade data and will improve the availability of consolidated data to investors.

Furthermore, Vienna stock exchange plans to adopt on its ADH data feed the trade reporting standards initiated by an industry working group under the Committee of European Securities Regulators CESR (now ESMA) to restore post trade transparency in the European equity markets and to ensure consistent output across multiple data consolidators.


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