Ullink unveils FPGA low latency pre-trade risk technology

Source: Ullink

Ullink, a global provider of low latency connectivity and trading solutions, has leveraged FPGA technology into the ultra low latency space, providing a flexible pre-trade risk control solution with the ability to manage risk across multiple clients, asset classes and trading venues.

UL IRIS+ is the solution to the SEC market access rule that will go into effect on July 14th, 2011 forcing financial institutions to create and manage quality risk controls.

An advanced addition to Ullink's long lasting risk offering suite, UL IRIS+ enables brokerage firms to monitor trading limits in real time, set alerts on multiple criteria and to filter every order before it hits the market in order to prevent input errors and excessive risk. In addition, the unified pre-trade risk layer protects against priced away orders while enforcing client credit limits and monitoring capabilities.

Ullink's top tier broker and high frequency trading client base has been eagerly awaiting the deployment of UL IRIS+, an ultra low latency extension to an already proven pre-trade risk solution.

UL IRIS+ can be deployed at our clients' co-location facility of choice inside Ullink's turnkey High Performance Computing appliance that can fit in a variety of architectures models. This new solution has shown to outperform any Risk controls systems out there today running on general purpose CPU's.

UL IRIS+ is a vital tool for algorithmic and direct market access trading where participants have the ability to monitor and manage their risk exposure regardless of whether the broker dealer or the exchange is supplying sponsored access to the client. End users can also customize filters to adhere to specific client requests and to create limits per account, desk, user and firm.

Laurent Useldinger, CEO, Ullink said: "We are pleased to be able to provide the market with such an effective solution that will allow our customers to leverage our 8 years of Risk management experience in ultra low latency fashion, not only from a single market perspective, but also multi platform, multi market and multi asset class."

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