Speakerbuss completes interoperability testing of Red Box Recorders

Source: Speakerbus

Speakerbus, a supplier of advanced voice solutions for the financial and command and control markets, recently completed interoperability testing of Red Box Recorders' call capture solution with i turret (v1.3) with Speakerbus' i turret dealerboard.

The i turret utilises existing IP-PBX infrastructure on either Avaya or Cisco to deliver a significant return on investment, compared to traditional trading platforms. By reducing the back room footprint clients are able to reduce cost, minimize complexity and optimise support skills.

Red Box provides solutions that cover all aspects of digital recording from voice and data capture, storage and event logging, to retrieval, playback and analysis. Their latest multi-function products incorporate smart, reliable and cost-effective technologies that are easy to install, manage and maintain, including Web-based interfaces that give worldwide access to replay, configuration and maintenance. Speakerbus latest release (v1.3) now incorporates a new speaker expansion module the iE801 that enables support for up to 24 speaker channel, Red Box's latest certification incorporates the ability to capture all transactional recordings from iE801 speaker modules.

John Graves, Product Manager at Speakerbus, stated: "The successful compliance testing of the Red Box solution with Speakerbus i turret provides customers with the assurance of robust product interoperability, which further strengthens our i turret value add, to both new and existing customers."

John continues, "By providing interoperability with its specific trader focused features, especially the compliance with recording regulations, our customers will be able to choose a solution that greatly enhances their trading platform. As a well respected vendor within the financial services industry, we are always keen to expand our ecosystem of partner applications. By providing customers with a choice of applications that enhances our i turret value proposition we are exceeding the needs of our multinational clients."

Customers will be able to take full advantage of this certification in Speakerbus' upcoming Q2 release of i turret (V1.3).

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