Exegy tunes in to Turquoise feed

Source: Exegy

Exegy Incorporated, the ultra-high performance market data appliance company, today announced that the Exegy Ticker Plant has added built-in market data feed handlers to process data from Turquoise, providing Exegy clients the ability to access the alternative trading system's trading data using Exegy's hardware-accelerated market data appliance.

Turquoise is an alternative trading system for European and US exchange-listed equities and ETFs.
Turquoise rewards subscribers that contribute to price discovery, and keeps overall marketplace fees as low as possible. Dealers who use Turquoise enjoy significant price and speed advantages.

"High Frequency Trading is now a global phenomenon. Our high frequency trading customers noted that competitive markets and low cost execution have come to London, where Turquoise offers one of the most popular matching platforms. And that is why we have tuned our product for Turquoise data," said Jeff Wells, Vice President of Product Marketing at Exegy.

"We operate the fastest trading platform in Europe, and our customers are demanding data solutions that can match our performance. We're pleased that Exegy customers will now be able to access Turquoise trading data," said Natan Tiefenbrun, Commercial Director of Turquoise.

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