BAML upgrades execution management system

Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch today unveiled enhancements to InstaQuote®, the company's award-winning execution management system (EMS) for trading equities, options and futures. The platform now offers clients access to the firm's premium algorithmic trading strategies, ETF-aXe and Pairs.

"With a full suite of trading strategies, InstaQuote® users can now analyze, build and assess complex orders more efficiently," said Clayton Meadows, head of InstaQuote® at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. "With the addition of algos such as ETF-aXe, clients can access multiple asset classes in one trade while providing the opportunity for price improvement."

Users now have access to two innovative algorithmic trading strategies previously introduced by BofA Merrill:

* ETF-aXe - this ETF-specific algorithm analyzes market depth and price data across an ETF's underlying portfolio to identify the most efficient combination of ETF, stock and futures, then automatically trades them to source liquidity and find the best prices.
* Pairs - this pairs trading algorithm for equity securities enables clients to quickly and easily implement market neutral strategies utilizing BofA Merrill's infrastructure and technology to access primary liquidity sources and provide low latency execution.

In addition, with many customization options, traders can configure workflow patterns that allow faster and easier order entry and monitoring.

"We think clients will immediately see the improved functionality that InstaQuote® now offers and find significant value in having access to the same sophisticated trading technology that our internal desk uses," said Meadows.

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