Thomson Reuters extends Corvil relationship

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters today announced that it has extended its relationship with Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance trading and market data, to deliver end-to-end latency monitoring and reporting for Elektron Hosting.

This new capability will provide transparency to customers who host applications and connect to market data within this managed service environment, ensuring that their infrastructure is optimized for minimal latency, maximum throughput and reliability.

The mainstream adoption of high speed, electronic trading has driven the need for a holistic approach to latency management. Systems must be capable of identifying bottlenecks at the software, hardware and network layers of data and trading infrastructures to optimize all aspects of latency, including the time taken to propagate, transmit and process messages.

"Latency is a challenge comprised of inter-related parts which, when addressed together, deliver success in excess of their sum. Holistic latency management isn't just a philosophy anymore - it's now a reality," said TABB Group analyst Will Rhode.

Thomson Reuters will use the CorvilNet latency management system across its global hosting sites to monitor all aspects of feed delivery, including data sourcing, normalization and distribution, as well as the management of hosted third-party applications. This will give clients greater visibility into their infrastructure, including network and application latencies, and enable them to monitor, manage and optimize their global data and trading flows.

In addition to offering latency monitoring and reporting for its Elektron Hosting environment, Thomson Reuters aims to evolve this service and leverage the CorvilClear inter-party latency service to share statistics with customers using deployed Corvil in their own facilities. This will allow customers who are consuming services from the Elektron Hosting environment to marry latency statistics with their internal infrastructure for complete visibility into global end-to-end market data and trading system latencies.

Traditional network monitoring tools are insufficient for sub-millisecond trading conditions and proximity hosted trading systems in particular, where propagation latency is already reduced and the impact of system performance is consequently even more important.

Mike Powell, Global Head of Enterprise Real-Time Solutions, Thomson Reuters, said: "The latency arms race isn't just about absolute performance; it is also about consistency and transparency. That means deploying the right tools to monitor and manage Elektron Hosting so that we ensure our performance remains the best, even at market peaks, and give our customers confidence through transparent performance metrics. Through our relationship with Corvil, we can offer clients deeper insight and greater visibility into their end-to-end trading infrastructure, enabling them to identify and resolve problems more quickly."

"Thomson Reuters Elektron provides low latency global connectivity to markets and participants at a scale and speed not previously achieved. Understanding the complete latency picture within and between multiple markets is now critical to optimizing trading performance. We are very pleased that our CorvilNet and CorvilClear solutions are being integrated with this cutting-edge price discovery, trading and managed application environment. By partnering with Corvil, Thomson Reuters can ensure the optimized performance of its global market data feeds, while providing their hosting clients with true end-to-end latency reporting for market data delivery," said Corvil CEO, Donal Byrne.

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