OneTick integrates with QuantFeed

Source: OneMarketData

OneMarketData, a leader in tick data management and analytics, and QuantHouse, the leading independent provider of low latency trading solutions, today announced the integration of QuantFEED, a unique end-to-end ultra low latency market data feed, into OneTick Database and CEP.

For the integration, OneMarketData developed a real-time adapter to QuantFEED that allows OneTick to collect and normalize real-time market data and insert all QuantFEED's exchange feeds into OneTick's CEP engine and tick database. Development was done in conjunction with a mutual QuantFEED and OneMarketData European bank customer, who encouraged the development of the adapter.

"QuantHouse and OneMarketData both have a long and proven track record of providing top-caliber services to the market," noted Richard Chmiel, Vice President at OneMarketData, said. "This most recent integration further underscores OneTick's position as the only system that was built from its inception to offer data capture, analysis and real-time signal generation on a single, integrated platform, thus empowering users and lowering firms' total cost of ownership."

QuantHouse and OneMarketData had previously collaborated to integrate QuantHouse's QuantFactory into OneTick, which permits QuantFactory users to back-test quant strategies using OneTick. The two companies are also currently discussing potential collaborations on other strategic partnerships, including: managed services, hosting and collocation. The goal is provide a comprehensive platform that combines all the applications needed to perform quant research and algo trading by making available ultra low latency market data feeds, tick data storage, corporate actions, reference data, trading analytics and real-time strategy execution via access to the suite of products offered by QuantHouse and OneTick.

St├ęphane Leroy, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at QuantHouse, commented, "OneMarketData has an excellent reputation in the market, and we are pleased to be working with them again on this integration and on future collaborations." He continued, "Together we are able to provide systematic trading companies with a suite of solutions that have the speed, power and flexibility firms need to execute their sophisticated trading strategies."

OneTick CEP and Database collect and process millions of ticks per second on one CPU and archive billions of ticks per day globally, providing uniform access to all tick data, up to and including the latest tick. A multi-asset class solution, OneTick includes an easy-to-use graphical user interface to access all data including equities, fixed income, futures, FX and options, as well as full order book data. With no limitations on data volumes, peak rates or length of stored history, it allows users to access one integrated database for all quantitative research needs.

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