Dupree Mutual Funds selects SunGard's Asset Arena Transfer Agency

Source: SunGard

Lexington, Kentucky-based Dupree Mutual Funds has selected SunGard's Asset Arena Transfer Agency, a high-volume shareholder recordkeeping solution that processes transactions as they happen with 24/7 system availability.

Asset Arena Transfer Agency helps firms process shareholder records in a specialized and automated fashion, through flexible system processing rules tailored to the requirements of the fund management companies supported.

In selecting SunGard, Dupree will shift from operating installed transfer agency technology to utilizing Asset Arena Transfer Agency via SunGard's application service provider (ASP) offering. The secure Web-based solution helps streamline implementation, giving Dupree the ability to quickly take advantage of Asset Arena's features, while also helping reduce the time and cost of conversion. Asset Arena Transfer Agency helps improve Dupree's client service by providing back-offices with portal-accessible enterprise reporting and data repository services and by giving investors online access to real-time account data.

Dupree will also use Asset Arena's expanded, automated data transfers with banks and industry trading partners, which will help the company increase accuracy and control costs, both critical objectives in a high-volume transfer agency environment.

Gene Gard, portfolio manager at Dupree Mutual Funds, said, "Using SunGard's Asset Arena to provide Web access to investor accounts, we are now able to offer greater visibility into the real-time information our clients are increasingly demanding. In addition, Asset Arena provides us with the scalability and efficiency gains needed to help support our growing shareholder base and helps us to control costs for our shareholders in today's competitive environment."
Mark Judah, senior vice president of SunGard's Asset Arena Transfer Agency, said, "As Dupree Mutual Funds continues to grow, SunGard can help the company better serve their customers through our various Asset Arena offerings. We are proud to play a pivotal role in assisting Dupree by creating its online client experience and streamlining its transfer agency processes, and we look forward to helping the company position itseitself for scalable growth."

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