Fuzzy Logix unveils NVIDIA GPU-based analytics appliance

Source: Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix, LLC, a leading provider of advanced analytical solutions, today unveiled its state of art analytical appliance, the Tanay ZXnW Series.

This appliance is built with multiple NVIDIA Tesla C2070 GPUs and is pre-loaded with a quantitative library which includes Mathematical and Statistical functions, Monte Carlo simulations, data mining methods and financial functions. The entire library has been parallelized to take full advantage of the processing power of the Tesla C2070 cards.

At present there are two configurations for Tanay ZXnW Series - the ZX2W11 model includes two Tesla cards whereas the ZX4W11 includes 4 Tesla cards with additional memory and disk space. Both these models are available with Windows as well as the Linux operating system.

NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, based on the CUDA parallel processing architecture, have revolutionized the world of high performance computing. Using Tesla GPUs, people can now achieve computational speed that was unthinkable a few years ago. Some examples of the types of models that leverage the massive parallelism available include running a very large number of Monte Carlo simulations, Principal Component Analysis of large matrices and the calculation of Variance Inflation Factors for a large number of variables. These computations are required in many industries. For example, financial services companies can use the Tanay to perform the intra-day risk analysis of large investment portfolios, derivatives pricing, portfolio optimization and high-frequency trading. Other examples include researchers who can accelerate gene sequencing and oil and gas companies who can quickly model exploration and geophysical data.

Combining the computational power of GPUs with a built-in library of models, the Tanay ZXnW Series, will allow users to immediately solve their complex analytical problems at breathtaking speed.

According to Partha Sen, CEO of Fuzzy Logix, "The driving force behind the introduction of Tanay ZXnW Series is to provide a platform where people can instantly take advantage of algorithms accelerated on the GPU. We are very excited to launch this product, and we expect that this appliance will bring tremendous value to our customers."

"The complexity and volume of analytics that organizations perform has exploded in the last few years," said Andy Keane, General Manager, Tesla GPU Computing Products at NVIDIA. "Fuzzy Logix's Tanay solution helps users find useful insights in real-time from their data by using GPUs to accelerate advanced analytics."

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