Teradata signs PKO Bank Polski and UkrSibbank

Source: Teradata

Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC) today announced that one of Poland's largest banking institutions, PKO Bank Polski, has selected Teradata technologies as the foundation upon which to build and power an enterprise intelligence marketing program.

The suite of advanced technology will enable the bank to integrate data from all bank systems in order to improve customer loyalty and value. The bank will utilize Teradata technologies including Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance and Teradata Relationship Manager (TRM), which manages cross-channel, multi-touch customer conversations. In addition, Teradata will provide a range of professional services.

"Collaboration with Teradata opens a new chapter in the area of sales management in the bank. I believe that the new tools will increase both customer satisfaction and the bank's value for the shareholders," said Katarzyna Durbajlo-Andracka, managing director, retail sales division, PKO Bank Polski. "It will enable us to not only increase the number of marketing campaigns, but also improve campaign accuracy and effectiveness. Implementation of Teradata technologies is an important step in implementing the bank's strategy."

"This is a significant new customer for Teradata. We will provide PKO Bank Polski with a state-of-art solution for analytical campaign management, supported by proven technology and implemented by experienced local and worldwide experts," said Hermann Wimmer, president of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for Teradata Corporation. "This new knowledge will help the bank design and deliver innovative and more personalized products and services that better meet customers' needs."

Deployment of the new Teradata technologies will enable the bank to analyze consumer buying behavior, preferences and channel usage, in order to have a clearer view of each customer. Armed with this intelligence, the bank plans to drive highly personalized marketing offers for financial products and services. Teradata technologies are designed to allow rapid development of multi-phased marketing campaigns for multiple consumer channels with personalized offers. Personalized offers generate more sales than generic offers, while effectively utilrs, while effectively utiltilizing marketing resources and budgeted funds. This will further the bank's initiative to increase the number of financial products purchased by each consumer, to grow revenue and improve the retention of existing customers.

Separately, the vendor also reported that UkrSibbank, one of Ukraine's largest banks and a part of the BNP Paribas Group,  has deployed Teradata technologies to create a robust marketing platform that will transform how the bank interacts with customers.


"We are the first bank in the Ukraine to use campaign management and create an efficient mechanism to contact our most valuable clients and further develop our relationship with them," said Valeriy Seroshtan, head of Sales Support and Channels Management, UkrSibbank. "UkrSibbank has utilized Teradata Relationship Manager to gain a competitive advantage by enabling faster and more informed analytical and tactical decision making in the areas of customer growth."

UkrSibbank deployed the Teredata Data Warehouse Appliance platform with Teradata Relationship Manager, which manages cross-channel, multi-touch customer conversations to promote sales and improved service.

Before deploying Teradata, the bank was not able to provide timely and accurate customer information to sales staff or use cost-effective sales channels.  Once the Teradata platform was in place, UkrSibbank was able to create a single, robust database that housed all the data needed for effective customer relationship management.  The business intelligence generated from the analysis of the data offered all marketing groups a comprehensive, insightful view of customers. This intelligence enabled the groups to agilely and quickly respond to customers across multiple sales channels to improve sales and customer service.  The Teradata warehouse now holds 2.7 million records on customers; 1.5 million of these are active. The core client database contains 500,000 to 600,000 customers, with more that three terabytes of data.

"We support UkrSibbank's innovative data management initiatives," commented Hermann Wimmer, president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Teradata Corporation. "Teradata technologies are enabling them to do more than just push product sales with generic offers, our solutions support a new, and more personalized banking marketing model."

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