Deutsche Bank Autobahn Equity launches Stealth algo

Source: Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank's Autobahn Equity business today announced the launch of Stealth, the next generation of its liquidity seeking algorithm.

Stealth uses advanced high frequency alpha models to opportunistically source liquidity in both bright and dark venues. It rapidly captures trading opportunities when it discovers quality liquidity. Stealth's strategy is underpinned by Autobahn technology and SuperX Plus, the industry's leading dark liquidity seeking algorithm*. Stealth is highly customizable and continuously adapts to intraday market conditions, offering a broad range of options to control how and when to access liquidity.

"As part of our long-standing investment in Autobahn Equity, Deutsche Bank is committed to delivering smarter liquidity products to our clients," said Jose Marques, Global Head of Equity Electronic Trading. "Not only does Stealth take on the challenges of today's electronic equity markets, but also provides for unprecedented levels of customization and flexibility."

"Stealth begins to level the playing field between agency algorithms and modern electronic liquidity providers." said Alex Paley, Global Head of Algorithmic Trading Product Development. "These algorithms use high frequency trading techniques similar to the ones used by liquidity providers in making trading decisions."

SuperX Plus, formerly known as SuperX, is Deutsche Bank's dark pool aggregator algorithm which enables buyers and sellers of large orders to manage their access to dark liquidity with real-time analytics. SuperX Plus is designed to determine optimal trading conditions for orders placed in one dark venue over another. In addition, SuperX Plus provides clients with thorough post trade performance metrics.

All Deutsche Bank's algorithms are fully integrated with Deutsche Bank's ultra-fast smart order router, which adapts the execution of trades to all available dark and displayed venues.

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