Schroder Japan deploys NRI T-Star/RX

Source: Nomura Research Institute

Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Ltd., a leading provider of consulting services and system solutions, today announced that Schroder Japan, a subsidiary of the London-based asset management firm Schroders, has completed implementation of T-Star/RX, NRI's investment advisory back-office system.

With this implementation, Schroder Japan has now incorporated the full suite of T-STAR products, allowing for greater client service support, adoption of unique Japanese accounting and straight-through processing (STP) with global systems.

By having full support of its front-to-back processes, Schroder Japan will be able to seamlessly manage its operations, improve risk management and services for various clients, including mutual funds, pension funds, sub-advisory firms and funds of funds. Using T-STAR/RX, the firm will be able to quickly handle new products, onboard new clients and become compliant with upcoming regulatory changes. In addition, T-STAR/RX will provide stronger investment advisory reporting capabilities to Schroder Japan.

"We are very pleased with the successful T-STAR/RX implementation, by which Schroder Japan finally achieved construction of a consolidated Japanese client reporting database in the T-STAR/GX and T-STAR/GX Light, following T-STAR/TX implementation in August 2010," said Keiko Tamaki, Chief Operating Officer, Schroder Japan. "In May 2009, Schroder Japan, which had been already serviced by the Portfolio Services team in Singapore for trade confirmation and settlement, consolidated its portfolio data onto the Singapore regional Book of Record platform, Dimension, for the Japanese business. Using the T-STAR suite allows us to improve straight through processing between the Dimension and Japan local systems, as well as to increase our local reporting capabilities and efficiencies while accommodating Japan-specific requirements for both local fund and segregated account business. These completed platforms in two locations provided sound and reliable business continuity, even in our current difficult external environment in Japan."

"By implementing our full T-STAR suite, Schroder Japan now has the infrastructure that can scale to meet their growing business needs in Japan," said Shin Kusunoki, Corporate Senior Vice President and Asset Management Systems Division Manager, NRI. "By offering support for the unique Japanese accounting system, the full suite of T-STAR products will allow Schroder Japan to reduce time and effort related to upgrading their system resources, allowing the firm to focus on its core business of providing asset management and client services."

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