3i Infotech partners Zumbox on e-billing

Source: 3i Infotech

3i Infotech, a global information technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) company, today announced enhanced capabilities and a new partnership to help corporate clients keep pace with a rapidly changing revenue collection environment and shifting consumer preferences.

By focusing on optimizing the entire end-to-end cash collection process, 3i Infotech serves as advisor, facilitator and integrator for companies concerned with the growing costs and management requirements of their many billing and payment channels.

"We are dedicated to helping clients handle changing consumer billing and payment habits through the intelligent application of technology and key partnerships with top tier service providers," said Kathy Hamburger, Chief Executive Officer and President, 3i Infotech, BPO & Developed Markets. "Whether it's managing multiple existing billing and payment channels for clients or guiding them through the integration of new presentment and cash collection capabilities, we simplify their complex processes while relieving administrative, operational and cost pressures."

As part of this strategy, 3i Infotech separately today announced a partnership with Zumbox, preceding the upcoming NACHA Payments conference on April 3-6 in Austin, TX. This partnership enables 3i Infotech clients to send electronic bills and other customer communications via Zumbox's digital postal system. Zumbox is a prime example of 3i Infotech's larger effort to provide clients with a wide array of billing, payment and technology options for their customers, whether delivered by 3i Infotech directly or through one of its ever-expanding list of partner relationships.

Currently, companies assembling an electronic revenue collection strategy have to wrestle with a fragmented marketplace involving a multitude of vendor and technology relationships. Alternatively, 3i Infotech acts as a single resource to manage those relationships, implement new technologies and serve as a guide to help determine the best approach for each individual company. For example, 3i Infotech can act as a central revenue collection hub for clients. Taking a single billing file from the client, 3i Infotech splits the file among multiple outbound delivery channels based on customer preferences. When the corresponding inbound payments are received from different sources and processed, paper and electronic payments of all types are consolidated into a single A/R file and returned to the client. All the while, the client has complete visibility and control over the entire process through an intuitive web interface.

These new services and partnership fall under 3i Infotech's Global Billing & Payments Center of Excellence (CoE). The CoE leverages the company's deep domain expertise and global resources to best serve companies interested in optimizing their entire billing and payment lifecycle. 3i Infotech's services extend beyond electronic channels to paper billing and remittance, document processing, data management, software, and IT services for a truly comprehensive solution.

3i Infotech will be discussing additional details of this new partnership at booth #309 at the NACHA Payment Conference.


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