Wincor Nixdorf rolls out cash recycling system

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf is rolling out a cash recycling system with four additional banknote storage modules for use at sites with high transaction volumes and at sites where more than four denominations will be dispensed.

"The new system offers maximum capacity with a minimum footprint," explains Stephan Okroy, Cash Systems product manager at Wincor Nixdorf. The new model is the solution of choice for institutions that want to handle all their cash transactions with up to eight denominations in one system. Normally cash recycling systems only hold up to five cassettes and recycle four different denominations. The CINEO 4060 4+4 system has already been used successfully in the first projects conducted for a number of European banks.

The additional four compact cassettes give the CINEO C4060 4+4 system greater configuration flexibility. Thanks to the redundancy of all eight cassettes, the system also offers enhanced availability and resilience. Unlike some competitor systems that offer increased capacity and come with an additional output slot, the CINEO 4060 4+4 has only one user-friendly input/output slot.

Cash recycling systems are the fastest route to shortening the cash cycle, since they make the deposited banknotes available for dispensing after banknote validation. Over and above the device's own cash recycling function, banks use the CINEO C4060 cash recycling system and the CINEO C6030 automated teller safe, also featuring recycling technology, to develop new options for cash management. Intelligent end-to-end cassettes now make it possible to exchange cash between different cash points and to keep it within the cash cycle.

For example, cash that is deposited in automated teller safes at the counter can be used to replenish ATMs and cash recycling systems in the self-service zone. Replenishment and removal processes between systems in the self-service zone, the front office and the back office are optimized through closed cash handling. As a result, banks benefit from maximum transparency and security as well as lower costs. Furthermore, cassettes can also be exchanged between the different branches of the same institute.

As a member of the CINEO family, the CINEO C4060 4+4 system offers improvements in cash management as well as enhanced security, intuitive operation, faster transaction processing and innovative banknote recognition technology. The systems have also set new standards in serviceability, automatically supplying a wide range of operating information which enables proactive system management and high levels of availability.

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