Fifth Third prepares for alternative payments with eCommerce Plus

Source: Fifth Third

Fifth Third Processing Solutions is pleased to announce the introduction of its eCommerce Plus, a technology platform which allows online merchants to securely transact with authenticated payments and alternative payment brands.

Along with traditional credit card acceptance, merchants can now offer customers multiple payment options such as PayPal™, Checkout by Amazon, Google Checkout™, and more, through one easily deployable interface.

Fifth Third Processing Solutions has partnered with CardinalCommerce Corporation, the world's leading provider of payment brands, for alternative payments acceptance within the Fifth Third Processing Solutions eCommerce Plus technology.

As consumer usage of alternative payment brands continues to grow year-over-year, merchants using Fifth Third Processing Solutions eCommerce Plus will now have the ability to quickly and easily accept alternative payment brands in order to drive conversion through these secure, familiar-to-consumer checkout processes. "Cardinal is excited to work with Fifth Third Processing Solutions to offer its eCommerce Plus merchants all of the benefits of alternative payment brands," said Michael A. Keresman, III, Chief Executive Officer, CardinalCommerce. "As a company that has seen the development and rising acceptance of alternative payment brands firsthand, we are proud to be part of a technology to help online merchants grow quickly, by capturing the most business possible."

"Bringing innovative solutions to our merchant customers is a key focus of Fifth Third Processing Solutions' business strategy. Our eCommerce Plus solution exemplifies our commitment to that innovation," said Bill Weingart, Chief Product Officer, Fifth Third Processing Solutions. "With a partner like CardinalCommerce, we are able to adapt to new payment methods and deliver the functionality to our customers in rapid fashion."

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