Ingenico doubles contactless terminal sales in 2010

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), world leader in payment solutions, announced today that the shipments of its terminals with contactless based on NFC technology, doubled in 2010.

Contactless payment technology enables payment by cards, mobile phones and other form factors, ideally for small amounts and drastically reduces transaction times. Since the certification in 2004 of its first contactless terminal, Ingenico successfully carried out pilot tests in different parts of the world where the company operates. In 2010, 21% of the terminals sold to merchants were equipped with this technology, a rate up by 50% compared to 2009. The new range of Ingenico terminals integrates the contactless reader option, which is activated depending on the customer's requirements.

Ingenico's new Telium terminal range is at the forefront of contactless and mobile phone requirements and is in accordance with the latest payment schemes. The terminals allow mobile phone NFC ISO18092 and are capable of accepting value added services applications such as couponing, loyalty, rewards and more, in line with the new offers from mobile and internet players.

With the Ingenico solutions, the POS becomes a point of convergence for all forms of payments and allows interoperability through the payment terminal.

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