Orc and Newedge provide Chicago-Hong Kong link

Source: Orc Software

Orc Software (SSE: ORC), a leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry, announced today that it will offer a direct communications link between Chicago and Newedge's Hong Kong based trading data center.

The low-latency connection will allow US traders using Orc to trade Asian markets directly through Newedge without establishing their own lines and connections.

The high-speed line will give Americas based traders a direct link to the Asian markets and that is fully managed by Orc and Newedge. Firms will be able to trade Asian markets using Newedge's memberships and Orc's high-performance trading platform. Orc Hosted provides managed services for the full suite of Orc trading solutions and gives traders the ability to concentrate on their trading by having Orc fully manage their trading infrastructure. Orc Hosted is currently available in Europe and will be available in the Americas later this year.

Paul Zubulake, Senior Analyst at Aite Group comments, "As the potential for punitive regulatory burdens such as the transaction tax in the U.S. increase, high frequency traders are looking abroad for new markets to trade. Local market trading in futures and options in Asia specifically Korea and Hong Kong continues to grow at a rapid pace. Going forward connectivity solutions to such venues will be in high demand."

Marty Leamy, President, Americas at Orc Software, notes, "Asian markets have become important to Americas based traders to increase their trading margins and take advantage of the new opportunities afforded in these growing markets. Orc's low-latency trading engine combined with Newedge's fast, seamless market access will give traders a powerful and easily-deployed solution to capture these new opportunities."

Mike Gilbert, Global Head of Professional Trading Group at Newedge, comments, "Working with Orc to deliver a direct connection between the US and the growing Asian markets is a win-win for us. Orc provides an incredibly strong trading platform that traders find flexible and fast. Combining Orc with Newedge's low-latency market access and robust Hong Kong data center will give traders an unparalleled solution for trading the Asian markets."

Traders will be able to use Newedge's data center for deploying sophisticated trading strategies including spread trading, market making, volatility trading, and other advanced arbitrages. Using Orc's Liquidator server-based technology, firms can build their own strategies and deploy them rapidly into the market. Clients can also take advantage of out-of-the-box trading solutions like Orc Spreader that provide the high-performance needed to help traders win more market opportunities.

The Orc Trading solutions are used by leading financial firms worldwide for market making, volatility trading and high frequency trading. Together with access to the major cash and derivatives markets and a network of brokers, this is truly an unmatched offering. Orc Trading is available both as deployed software and as a managed service.

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