TMX Datalinx introduces low latency network

Source: TMX Group

TMX Group today announced that TMX Datalinx, its information services division, has introduced a new ultra-low latency network, TMXnet GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

The network is in production today and provides 1 to 10 gigabit ultra-low latency connections to international and domestic firms with technology infrastructure located in the Toronto core.

TMXnet GTA offers connectivity with an average return-trip latency in the low 300 microsecond range and service level agreement of 400 microseconds. The implemented network offers several paths between the downtown Toronto core and the TMX GTA data centres, removing single points of failure. The network reduces latency both in and out of the Toronto market, reduces cost and improves availability.

Eric Sinclair, President, TMX Datalinx and Group Head of Information Services, said: "TMXnet GTA, which was specially engineered to be the fastest available local network, was introduced to meet the market's growing demand for reduced and predictable latency, high availability and market interconnectivity. We are pleased to offer our clients a network that meets their evolving needs."

TMXnet GTA's direct links also provide connections to Canadian and US data feeds, TMX Information Processor products and TMX Group's co-location facility.


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