UBS upgrades Searchspace AML implementation

Source: Searchspace

UBS one of the world's leading banks is upgrading to Searchspace's latest version of their AML solution in Wealth Management & Business Banking.

UBS first installed Searchspace in 2002 to provide the systematic monitoring of every transaction that flowed through the bank detecting known and unknown patterns of suspicious behaviour.

"We spend a lot of effort in the fight against money laundering and continuously improve our comprehensive AML programme. Searchspace has been an important building block of our AML Programme in the last few years and the new version will further enhance our capabilities to identify unusual and potentially suspicious activities," commented Pierre Grumbacher, UBS Risk and Compliance.

In January of this year Searchspace announced the introduction of V4.1 its market leading AML solution delivering improved performance in the key areas of application and system integration, ease of use, and new detection capabilities. This latest version provides significantly new functionality including many new pre-configured scenarios and detection features to uncover hidden account relationships and cash structuring for financial service providers already using Searchspace. Additionally for the growing number of new users it speeds up the process of installation and integration into their existing systems.

Searchspace monitors over 400 million accounts a day, working with regional, national and global banks. Its software enables organizations to automatically interpret and act upon vast amounts of data, assisting regulatory compliance, risk mitigation and brand protection. Every transaction is monitored for unusual activity, immediately notifying compliance staff about those that may require further investigation and providing them with an evidential audit to effectively manage the compliance process.

"Searchspace AML V4.1 represents the accumulation of nearly ten years of experience based on customer and industry feedback, multiple installations and millions of dollars committed to research and development. UBS operate in a complex and demanding environment and are fully committed to ensuring they are using the very best tools available to them to fight financial crime. We are delighted to be supporting them in their endeavour and further developing our partnership with them," said Jason Kingdon CEO Searchspace.

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