CQG connects to Tocom

Source: CQG

CQG, Inc., the industry-leading order execution, charting, and analytics provider for global, electronically-traded securities and commodities, today announced that it has connected its Hosted Exchange Gateways to the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM), the largest of the three commodity futures exchanges in Japan.

CQG's high-speed, direct connectivity to TOCOM follows shortly after the company announced hosted Direct Market Access to the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE). Having offered direct access to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) since early 2010, CQG's new TOCOM connection is a realization of its continued efforts to provide traders with broad coverage of Japanese exchanges. With CQG's hosted connections to these three major exchanges, customers both in Japan and worldwide can execute strategies, including server-side spreads, on a wide range of Japanese markets.

"CQG continues to answer trader demand for low-latency access to key global exchanges," said Mike Glista, Director of Order Routing at CQG. "TOCOM, as a major derivatives exchange, is an important addition to our hosted DMA offering. Traders can now use CQG's server-side order execution and professional management tools to trade TOCOM instruments."

Formed through a multi-exchange merger in 1984, TOCOM offers a variety of contracts spanning precious metals and energy markets, as well as RSS3 Rubber and Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index futures. The Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE), whose products are traded on TOCOM's platform since January 2011, will also be available to CQG customers. Traders interested in agricultural commodities can now access TGE via the same high-speed, hosted connection.

"We are pleased to announce that CQG has started operating as one of our ISVs today," said Mitsuhiro Onosato, Executive Officer. "This is a significant improvementfor market participants, as they now have access to a wider variety of exchanges and listed products to trade. This enhanced convenience is also of great importance for the Exchange, as I expect many new entrants into the TOCOM market will take advantage of the highly competitive technology and servicesprovided by CQG, whichhas thesupport of various players in the trading community."

Traders can route orders to TOCOM via CQG Trader and CQG Integrated Client, the company's flagship platform. Low-latency TOCOM access allows traders to take advantage of CQG's suite of server-side tools, including CQG Spreader and the new Market Aggregation expression.

Through CQG's network of Hosted Exchange Gateways, customers gain reliable, high-speed access to more than forty exchanges worldwide. The company's Hosted Direct Market Access is an extremely cost-effective solution, providing connectivity to global markets without additional infrastructure investment.

CQG plans continued expansion in the APAC market space with direct connectivity to the Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) expected in the second quarter of this year.

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