Spearpoint reports to clients with 3i Infotech

Source: 3i Infotech

3i Infotech, a global provider of IT solutions and services today announces the successful implementation of its Reporting to Clients solution for Stockbroking and Portfolio Management specialists, Spearpoint Limited.

In the current challenging climate, client communications are highlighted as key to attracting and retaining business. With stockbrokers looking for evermore efficient methods of complying with new regulatory frameworks, Reporting to Clients is a formidable, client reporting solution that encompasses the entire investment reporting process and provides complete automation of report production, distribution and electronic storage.

Spearpoint selected Reporting to Clients as the business was searching for a flexible professional format for its client facing documents, and had received positive reviews about the application from several sources. Reporting to Clients integrates with Spearpoint's existing multi-currency, back-office system, Flagship, to provide a seamless solution to the production of essential client valuations.

Additionally, Reporting to Clients uses event-driven business processes to guide users through core functions that can be customised to meet their specific requirements. The controlled process begins with data collection and collation, followed by data formatting into standard or customised templates, report output and archiving.

The implementation of Reporting to Clients at Spearpoint was completed in under 2 months and included a complete review of the look and feel of the report packs being produced. Reporting to Clients has streamlined the reporting process at Spearpoint and improved the quality of the reports created. The success of the project can be attributed to the strong relationships between Spearpoint and 3i Infotech and the dedication of the implementation team.

Jackie Sholl, Chief Operating Officer, Spearpoint, said, "Like many stockbroking and portfolio management businesses, we were looking for a way to provide clear and meaningful reports to our clients that could be fully integrated with our existing technology. Having taken the initial steps with 'Reporting to Clients' to produce the quarterly report packs, whichich include client valuations, we are now planning to explore all our client facing reporting being processed by the solution to ensure consistency of presentation. Crucially, we now have a flexible program that we can control and change as our needs evolve, and we have been pleases with the time savings we have accrued."

Piers Farbrother, Product Director, 3i Infotech - Western Europe, commented, "The successful implementation of Reporting to Clients at Spearpoint is another example of 3i Infotech's expertise in the Wealth Management arena. We are delighted at the speedy and seamless implementation of Reporting to Clients at Spearpoint; who have complimented 3i Infotech on our excellent implementation team."

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