CoCoNet unveils mobile banking app for corporate customers

Source: CoCoNet

With the new CoCoNet mobile banking app "MULTIVERSA EBICS App" corporate customers manage their bank accounts through the multi-banking capable EBICS solution in Germany, France and many other European countries easily from any place at any time.

The new e-banking app is available for various smart phones and tablet PCs such as Apple iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android devices.

The European multi-bank communications standard EBICS allows companies to connect to all their bank accounts at the highest level of service quality and security.
Besides the well established channels through fat-clients and high sophisticated internet portals like MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal users of corporate customers increasingly demand for mobile capabilities.

The broad range of functionality in the new MUTLIVERSA EBICS App allows users to look up account statements from every bank. They also can initiate payments, e.g. SEPA or domestic. The MULTIVERSA EBICS App in addition presents payments from various accounts to be signed or co-signed by the corporate user.

In terms of the requirement of multiple signatures MULTIVERSA EBICS App is integrated in the concept of the Distributed Digital Signature (DDS). Thus, for example, payment files produced by ERP systems and sent and signed by e-banking fat-clients can be co-signed through a mobile device. This makes the mobile user independent from his corporate environment.

The signatures make use of the highest level of security as defined in the EBICS standard to authenticate the user and to authorise payments. All data always is encrypted by the MULTIVERSA EBICS App.

The attractive MULTIVERSA EBICS App for secure e-banking is an outstanding complement to existing corporate e-banking solutions and represents the easy-to-use way of e-banking especially for financial managers.

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