Excelian scales up with GigaSpaces

Source: GigaSpaces

GigaSpaces Technologies, the leading provider of a new generation of virtualized application platforms, and Excelian, a London-based, technology-consulting company, have joined forces to provide scalable application solutions to financial services and e-gaming companies.

"We chose to work with GigaSpaces because it is battle proven in the industries in which we work," says Adam Vile, PhD, Senior Partner at Excelian. "Its application scalability solves many distributed computing problems and provides a framework for application development that is well architected and robust."

GigaSpaces flagship product, eXtreme Application Platform (XAP), is an end-to-end virtualized application platform. It allows for dynamic and linear scaling of data, applications, and logic without any compromise to performance and functionality. In finance, scaling must occur across thousands of stateless compute nodes; e-gaming requires that multiple clients be scaled in real time to meet growing numbers of users. XAP combines the functionalities of scalability, caching, and distributed processing into an integrated whole, which makes it unique in the market.

"GigaSpaces technology has been fine-tuned to fulfill the complete list of performance requirements for organizations requiring millisecond processing," says Jim Liddle, GigaSpaces Director, Sales and Operations, UK, Ireland & Scandinavia. "Excelian will ensure that its clients benefit from the complete range of XAP's features."

Excelian will be using XAP to ensure financial services organizations can deliver real-time market data and risk analysis across trading and pricing systems. It will also implement XAP across industries to ensure other clients can easily scale out web applications and compute farms.

"The combination of GigaSpaces and Excelian is a world-beating combination," Adam concluded. "We have had a long relationship with Gigaspaces and are now ready to work with them in specific industries to take our products, applications and services to the next level."

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