Eurex to take majority stake in European Energy Exchange

Source: Eurex

Eurex and the European Energy Exchange (EEX) announced today that Eurex will become the new majority shareholder in the EEX.

Eurex and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) agreed to the acquisition of LBBW's 22.96 percent share in the EEX by Eurex in December 2010. However, under the pre-emption rights laid out in the consortium agreement, LBBW is obligated to offer its share on a pro rata basis to other EEX shareholders. The first round of the tender process was concluded on 22 February, 31 of the 40 eligible EEX shareholders declared that they would forgo a proportional increase in their stake. As a result, Eurex's current shareholding in the EEX of 35.2 percent will increase to over 50 percent. The exact shareholding will be determined in the second stage of the tender process, which immediately follows the first round.

By achieving a majority share by Eurex Zürich AG, the final price for the shares to be acquired will be EUR 7.75. This consists of the strike price of EUR 7.15 per share and a premium of EUR 0.60 per share because Eurex becomes the majority shareholder.

The necessary approval has already been granted by the boards of the seller, LBBW, and the buyer, Eurex Zürich AG. The Supervisory Board of EEX still has to agree to the transfer of LBBW's shares. The transaction also requires the approval of further regulatory bodies. The Exchange Supervisory Authority in Saxony and the German Federal Cartel Office have already given their consent.

Eurex's aim with the acquisition is to strengthen the long-term competitive position of the EEX. To this end, Eurex, the State of Saxony and the City of Leipzig have concluded an agreement which aims to maintain current EEX jobs in Leipzig and expand Leipzig as a centre of expertise for energy products. In addition, it is planned that the EEX will be able to increase its use of Eurex's international locations in Europe, America and Asia and benefit from its global participant network.

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