Equens launches terminal offering

Source: Equens

Payment processor Equens is offering commercial acquirers and banks in Europe a complete solution for the processing of debit and credit card payments.

The solution supports international brands such as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and V PAY. This service from Equens encompasses all the process steps required in order to realise a card payment, allowing commercial acquirers to enhance the efficiency of their card payment chains.

The new International Terminal Solution offers commercial acquirers and banks in Europe the option of having all or parts of the debit and credit card payment chain handled by Equens. Commercial acquirers remain the contracting party for retailers, but all of the underlying activities, such as the POS terminals, maintenance, support, the full range of related administrative processes towards both acquirers and retailers and the transaction processing itself can be handled by Equens.

The International Terminal Solution offers commercial acquirers and banks significant advantages:
- Commercial acquirers recognise that providing their clients with support in their debit and credit card payment processing activities is of the utmost importance. However, the current methods demand significant time and resources. Consequently, acquirers are increasingly looking for solutions that will allow them to organise their core activities more efficiently. Equens' International Terminal Solution is the answer.
- The end-to-end solution is highly efficient, as it means that acquirers and retailers have only one contracting party, and therefore a single, clear point of contact.
- Thanks to the international nature of the solution, acquirers are also able to serve their clients outside of their national borders in an easy and efficient manner, enabling them to develop long-lasting business relationships.
- The solution is characterised by a high level of reliability, security and ease of use. What's more, it can be up and running quickly at retailers.

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