Morpho and Cassis team on NFC offering for European mobile operators

Source: Morpho

Morpho (Safran group), worldwide leader in identity and secure credentials, and Cassis International, a pioneer and leader in trusted services for mobile payments and Near Field Communication (NFC), are partnering to provide advanced NFC solutions to European mobile operators and service providers.

As part of those solutions, they are showing together - for the first time at the Mobile World Congress - a dynamic Proximity Payment System Environment (PPSE) mechanism and the associated Mobile Wallet and Payment Application set designed to manage multiple banking applications from different banks and payment schemes on one SIM card in an interoperable way. The PPSE and applications set, as well as the user experience of the solution, have been designed in line with the latest EMVCo specifications and guidelines.

Thanks to the PPSE mechanism enabled by Morpho and CASSIS, users can define their default payment card and manage it through the Mobile Wallet application. This process, along with changing, installing or removing secure mobile applications, is being secured and updated by CASSIS' Trusted Service Management Solution, which is compliant with all of Morpho's NFC products.

The various NFC payment trials that have been deployed so far have clearly demonstrated that mobile payment is a key application for consumers and plays a major role in making NFC services successful. Up to now, different payment applications from different banks and payment schemes were not able to coexist and be interoperable.

With most consumers in Western Europe holding more than one card, most banks offering various card bundles or differentiated use cases supporting all the major payment schemes, this was a growing source of frustration for both banks and consumers and a blocking point for the acceptance of NFC services.

From June to December 2010 EMVCo published a set of key guidelines and specifications that define the basis for the consumer user experience, payment interoperability and multi-application between payment schemes and banks. This not only allows seamless interoperability of NFC payment on a worldwide basis but also enables the support of multiple cards from different banks and payment schemes in one secure element with an adapted, co, copted, consumer-grade user experience.

Morpho and CASSIS International are offering the first NFC payment solution compliant with these EMVco requirements in a comprehensive end-to-end offering integrating all the elements required for an issuer to release commercial NFC payment services:

- Support of SWP SIM cards and bridge devices (including SIM-based flex and active stickers),
- Support of different provisioning models (with a focus on IP channel and SIM BIP OTA),
- Set of GUIs supporting handset and SIM applications for the Issuer Payment Application and Global Wallet application,
- Certified TSM solution and mobile payment card application,
- Collateral back-office elements like EMV Counter Manager, EMV Scripting Gateway Prepaid Top-up, etc. to roll out innovative and differentiated services.

The support of additional elements will come along in 2011 with integration of most smartphones as they support NFC or integrate NFC-enablers, support of Global Platform Amendment C multi-application environment when SIMs are ready, and development of the latest releases of payment scheme NFC applications.

"We believe that this joint initiative with CASSIS International will bring the solution that our MNOs and bank customers have long been waiting for. This is the natural continuation of our involvement in major NFC projects like the French NFC roll-out in Nice, one of the world's leading commercial NFC initiatives," said Paul Naldrett, Senior VP Telecoms at Morpho. "This partnership confirms the commitment and leadership of Morpho in NFC applications."

"This teamwork on a key aspect of NFC services will allow a unique combination of our TSM and mobile payment solutions, among the most deployed on a worldwide basis, with the recognized secured transaction expertise and solution portfolio of Morpho in the mobile and payment segments. This also confirms our pioneering and leading position in mobile payment solutions, with major large scale commercial deployments achieved in Korea and Malaysia," said Jean-Philippe Bétoin, President of CASSIS International Europe. "The partnership also strengthens our continued commitment and investment in Europe where we are now providing our expertise and solutions to 8 financial institutions covering the major payment schemes."

Morpho and CASSIS International have been successfully engaged together in major NFC payment projects in Europe with Tier 1 customers that fully support this initiative:

• The Interbank Card Center (BKM) of Turkey, which also provides TSM services to its member banks in addition to its main switching and settlement services

BKM has been at the forefront of new payment technologies since the early 1990s. With its added leadership role in the emerging NFC ecosystem, BKM aims to encourage cross-industry cooperation and national standardization of the secure platform that permits OTA downloads of financial data to mobile devices. "BKM is pursuing a nationwide strategy in Turkey to offer NFC mobile payments to its 28 member banks. Turkish banks are working with different payment schemes in the very dynamic Turkish environment, and multi-application capabilities and the coexistence of different cards on the same SE are crucial for them," said Feza Tarhan, Business Development Rules & Regulation Director at BKM. "We expect that this initiative will accelerate the development of the NFC world.

• Intesa SanPaolo Card (Intesa Sanpaolo Group) is a payment card company dedicated to developing and managing the card business on an international level in those countries where Intesa Sanpolo, a top banking group in the Euro zone, operates.

"Intesa Sanpaolo Card's, as well as the group's international activities are focused in Central-Eastern Europe and in the Mediterranean area, where it operates in 13 countries through retail and commercial banks. We are therefore working in an international context with multiple payment schemes. The freshly released EMVco mobile standard very good news for our group and marks a key milestone that is likely to finally unleash the release of NFC Payment by banks", says Gojmir Nabergoj, R&D Director at Intesa Sanpaolo Card. "Intesa Sanpaolo Card and Banka Koper are operating an NFC trial in Slovenia with the support of Morpho and CASSIS International. This initiative will be key in our future engagement on NFC Payment."

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