Quadron integrates with Laser App

Source: Quadron Data Solutions

Quadron Data Solutions, a Fetter Logic Company, today announced they are hosting Laser App's web-based software and have integrated Laser App's powerful form capabilities into AccountQ, Quadron's industry-leading account opening solution.

Quadron's updated AccountQ product employs Laser App's automated form-filling software to ensure that financial services firms, broker-dealers, and advisors have access to the industry's largest library of automated forms and leading form-filling technology. The partnership provides a turn-key solution to automate the account opening process and drastically reduces the volume of data to be entered manually. It also keeps all forms current, increases broker-dealer efficiency, and reduces the NIGO (Not In Good Order) rate by up to 90 percent.

"When it comes to accurately and efficiently opening new accounts, our industry remains in the dark ages. A big reason for this is the manual processes associated with ensuring the proper new account paperwork is accurately completed," said David Fetter, CEO, Quadron Data Solutions. "By combining Laser App's industry-leading library of forms and form-filling technology with AccountQ, we dramatically enhance our ability to provide an efficient, unified account opening solution that supports both brokerage and direct business."

Laser App's web-hosted solution has over 10,000 users taking advantage of the industry's most comprehensive range of financial forms - including annuities, insurance, mutual funds, RIAs, and securities. Forms can be pre-populated with client and rep information via Quadron's AccountQ, allowing users to quickly obtain, complete and distribute all of the forms required to open a new account - regardless of the product. There are also plans to integrate Quadron's AccountQ with Laser App's Enterprise desktop solution, which currently serves approximately 90,000 users.

"Despite the fact that customer satisfaction is heavily influenced by the client on-boarding process, new account openings remain a challenge for most financial firms," commented Doug Dannemiller, Senior Analyst with Aite Group. "Although the majority of fund companies now make forms available on their website to download, these still have to be filled out by hand or keyed in. Automating the population and bundling of forms, together with straight-through processing, streamlines new account opening and management functions. This means faster approval and compliance, fewer errors, and improved CRM."

"Our integration with Quadron is a very natural fit, and we have created an unrivaled team in this space offering true end-to-end benefits across the front, middle and back office," said Robert Powell, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Laser App Software. "By looking at the complete enterprise workflow, we are keeping our clients current and addressing the number one requirement for the financial services industry today: efficiency. Automating the approval and flow of an account improves the customer experience, makes the broker-dealer more efficient, and helps speed up regulatory approval. It also allows broker-dealers, reps and other users to maintain their independence."

AccountQ is a centralized tool allowing financial services firms and advisors to streamline new account opening and management functions. AccountQ's logic-infused paperwork packaging functionality reduces complexity and improves efficiency, thus lowering the NIGO rate when opening an account. Crucially, the product's data capture goes much deeper than just the front end. The solution is built on DataProTM, a centralized data warehouse, which eliminates data loss when information is passed through multiple systems, streamlining integration with everything from CRM systems to the brokerage back office.

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