Bats offers real-time latency monitoring

Source: BATS

BATS Global Markets (BATS) today announced the release of a real-time latency monitoring service for BATS BZX Exchange and BATS BYX Exchange members effective Tuesday, Feb. 1.

The new service enables BZX and BYX members to monitor order latency in real-time via a dashboard on the BATS website, allowing users to analyze order latency and address issues immediately. Access will be available for BATS Europe participants by March 1 and for BATS Options members later in 2011.

"As the first exchange to publish transparent latency statistics on our website years ago, BATS has been a trailblazer in providing tools and latency information to members to help them more effectively manage their trading activities," said BATS Exchange Chief Operating Officer Chris Isaacson. "With the launch of a fully proprietary real-time latency monitoring service, we're giving members even more transparency and control over their performance."

Developed in-house by the BATS' technology team, the service does not require members to purchase additional hardware or use third-party applications. U.S. members can immediately gain access via their existing BATS Ports Dashboard using their web portal login ID and password. BATS Europe participants should contact their Account Manager for more information.

The BATS Ports Dashboard provides members with information about their port settings and statistics for both 1-gigabit (1G) and 10-gigabit (10G) physical port connections. BATS began offering customers 10G connectivity in the U.S. and Europe earlier this month.

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