Dominican Republic's CardNet selects VeriFone VeriShield Total Protect

Source: VeriFone Systems

VeriFone Systems (NYSE: PAY), today announced that Consorcio de Tarjetas Dominicanas, S.A. (CardNet), the largest card transaction processor in the Dominican Republic, is the first customer in the Latin America and Caribbean region for VeriShield Total Protect secured by RSA.

CardNET processes an estimated 80 percent of the total value of card transactions in the country and will utilize VeriShield Total Protect to implement end-to-end encryption of card data. RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), and VeriFone in 2010 announced a strategic partnership to market their end-to-end encryption and tokenization solutions as an integrated payment security offering. With VeriShield Total Protect, cardholder information is encrypted at the exact instant of acceptance and encrypted throughout the enterprise until it is transmitted to a secure decryption server, eliminating any risk of usable cardholder data being compromised by a data breach.

"CardNET is to be commended for leading the region in employing the most secure card processing solution available today," said Gustavo Jimenez, Vice President and General Manager of Integrated Systems for VeriFone Latin America & the Caribbean. "VeriShield Total Protect, secured by RSA, is already the de facto industry standard for card protection in the United States and on its way to achieve the same status in Latin America and the Caribbean."

CardNET selected VeriShield Total Protect following an extensive competitive review and determined that VeriFone's solution provided for the most secure operations, incorporates the best manageability and monitoring capabilities, and ensures access to VeriFone's expertise and best practices in card data security.

"VeriFone's leadership in secure payment systems is without question the best in the market, so we are extremely confident that the utilization of VeriShield Total Protect, secured by RSA, will make CardNET one of, if not the most, secure card processing operations in this region," said Eduardo Del Orbe, Executive Vice President of CardNET.

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