Bank of America taps Diebold for major ATM management upgrade

Source: Diebold

Bank of America will upgrade its North American automated teller machine (ATM) management solution, which manages more than 17,000 terminals, with an industry-leading availability management solution from Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD) - OpteView Resolve.

OpteView Resolve uses real-time terminal data and analytics and will provide optimal network uptime, while allowing financial institutions to leverage their ATM network as a strategic channel, enabling cost reductions, increased efficiencies and an enhanced consumer experience.

The OpteView Resolve management solution allows a two-way dialogue that enables the software to proactively detect events, identify root causes and execute pre-determined workflows or action plans-essentially automating and overseeing all of the processes involved in managing and operating a self-service network including remote diagnostics, self-healing and corrective actions. Additionally, the OpteView Resolve management solution provides customized dashboard reporting and enables proactive business intelligence gathering.

OpteView Resolve was developed to provide technological enhancements for secure remote monitoring and repair of self-service terminals along with more sophisticated automation tools and reporting capabilities. It enables monitoring and management of IP-connected networks with one system, providing advanced diagnostics and configurable business processes. The application is designed to interact with external systems enabling automatic escalation, notification and reporting.

"The OpteView Resolve availability management solution represents a giant step forward in the way Diebold helps our customers monitor and manage their ATM network. It allows financial institutions to transform to a predictive services model based on data intelligence," said Charles E. Ducey, Jr., executive vice president, North America operations, Diebold. "We are proud to collaborate with Bank of America in the development of this solution. We look forward to helping more customers revolutionize their ATM operations with this advanced, world-class software platform. This is just the beginning."

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