Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse unveiled

Source: Oracle

Oracle today unveiled Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse.

Financial services institutions around the globe now find that many first-generation data warehouse initiatives have proven difficult to complete, costly to maintain and ultimately fail to meet the complex computational demands of the current business climate.

Built on years of global tier-one financial services domain experience, the Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse is a new approach to data modeling and data warehousing - one that is pre-built for rapid deployment, purpose-built for end-use decision making and designed to specifically address the complex and cross-functional analytical challenges of global financial institutions.

Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse offers financial institutions the ability to readily access crucial information across the entire organization, with detailed insight into the customer, finance, compliance and risk-related data and activities needed to address comprehensive reporting requirements.

Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse is ready for analytical applications from third parties, in-house developers or customers may choose from the many pre-built and industry recognized, Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications.

New Generation of Data Warehousing

The Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse has been developed to specifically address an institution's analytical needs in risk, finance, compliance and customer insight. By leveraging Oracle Financial Services' deep domain experience in global tier-one institutions, customers can:

Readily deploy a pre-built, comprehensive, conformed and end-use proven data model designed for simplified extract, transform, load (ETL), fastest load times and fastest query response times

Control and manage analytical data with a unified infrastructure that runs analytical applications and complex reporting in the warehouse to easily handle the high-volume, cross-functional computations required to meet today's emerging regulatory mandates for liquidity and stress testing.

Address accuracy and consistency issues with contextual data-quality checks and automate the removal of inconsistencies across ledgers and books with centralized reconciliation capabilities.

Access a single, conformed and pre-built, "self-service" reporting and business intelligence environment that supports cross-functional analytics by design and is easily extensible to meet future demands.

Leverage the extreme performance, scalability and manageability of Oracle® Exadata Database Machine to process complex analytical scenarios previously thought impractical and deliver answers faster than ever before.

"Improving the quality and consistency of decisions is a renewed priority for major industries, as enterprises need to get a better handle on their risk exposure, ensure that they comply with new regulations, and gain the maximum return for each customer interaction," said Henry Morris, senior vice president, Worldwide Software and Services Research, IDC (IDC, "Decision Management in Industries: Linking Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Decisions," Doc. # 222483, March 2010).

"Next generation data warehouse initiatives in financial services demand a new approach that starts with the end use in mind - the focus now shifts from the indiscriminate, tedious capture and stewardship of all data, to the speed and specific context in which comprehensive decisions must now be made," said S. Ramakrishnan, group vice president and general manager, Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications. "Oracle's deep financial services domain experience, coupled with Exadata, has allowed us to develop a fully realized, solution-driven, high performance platform that is ready to deploy and meets today's regulatory requirements and liquidity challenges."

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