Chase to roll out new NCR cashpoints

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) today announced that it will install additional ATMs at hundreds of Chase locations in 2011, helping one of the nation's largest banks deliver a faster ATM experience for customers who make multiple deposits.

The roll-out will include ATMs equipped with NCR's next-generation Scalable Deposit Module (SDM) technology, the only technology on the market that allows consumers to deposit both cash and checks simultaneously in any orientation through a single slot. This new technology, designed for NCR SelfServ ATMs, delivers a consumer deposit experience that is twice as fast as other ATMs.

"NCR's new SDM technology will help make our Deposit Friendly ATMs even better," said Ryan McInerney, CEO of Consumer Banking at Chase. "It will be even easier for customers to make deposits at more of our ATMs."

Chase operates 16,000 ATMs across the United States.

With SDM, a typical consumer transaction of five bank notes and two checks can take less than 60 seconds to deposit. SDM improves the experience for small and medium businesses, such as doctors and small business owners, who on average deposit between 12-20 checks and/or 25-30 notes per transaction. Through SDM technology, customers who make multiple deposits benefit from a quick and reliable transaction outside the branch.

"Our bank customers have seen their deposit volumes nearly double as they roll out their no-envelope deposit ATMs. Clearly, consumers and small businesses enjoy the speed and convenience of anytime self-service banking, and NCR was committed to the innovation that extends those capabilities by making our ATM deposit experience faster and easier," said John Bruno, executive vice president, NCR Corporation. "We're pleased that an innovative bank such as Chase recognizes the value of SDM, and we look forward to rolling out this technology to their consumers this year."

NCR SelfServ ATMs have been designed to deliver the highest levels of availability - critical to customer satisfaction. Unique features such as self-healing technology that allows the ATM to recover automatically without the need for human intervention, dual-roll receipt printers that ensure the ATM need never run out of paper, and graphical operator panels that allow bank employees to quickly and effectively perform routine maintenance tasks all ensure NCR SelfServ ATMs are "in service" when consumers want them.

In addition to the SDM-enabled SelfServ ATMs, NCR also will install cash dispensing ATMs from its SelfServ family in various Chase locations.

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