Arcontech upgrades CityVision Excelerator

Source: Arcontech

Arcontech has announced a new release of its CityVision "Excelerator" add-in for real-time market data functionality within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

The new version provides enhanced functions for users to subscribe to real-time data from multiple sources and to perform controlled contributions to multiple destinations. In addition, a new "compatibility mode" and an optional module for ANSI page display provide considerable added value and cost saving opportunities for user firms.

The optional page display module allows viewing of the common page types familiar on dealing desks and also handles full ANSI character attributes including foreground and background colours, bold, flashing, reverse video, etc. This is essential for correct support of direct feeds from Inter-dealer brokers (IDBs) such as Garban, ICAP, Tradition and Tullett Prebon. It also offers display of custom-built internal and composite pages.

Page displays can be arranged in user configurable layouts, the size, position and content information being specified via interaction with the displays and by formulae in the spreadsheet. Different layouts can be setup easily, saved and restored simply by saving and re-loading Excel files, effectively turning Excel into a simple yet powerful user-customisable market data desktop.

The new option in Excelerator also supports page shredding, allowing easy drag and drop of fragments from page displays to Excel worksheets. This allows, for example, simple set up of calculations on page-based prices for desktop analysis or re-distribution. Customised internal and composite pages are also catered for as Excelerator can shred and show colour and video effects on pages built using other CityVision or RMDS components.

The compatibility mode eases migration to Excelerator, eliminating the need for spreadsheet conversion in most cases.

As with other CityVision products, Excelerator integrates with the Thomson Reuters RMDS market data platform, providing direct connection with entitlements controlled by DACS.

Andrew Miller, CEO of Arcontech said: "Excelerator is a compeompelling product for cost conscious, risk averse firms. Its high performance is proving attractive to users as are the new display features. Excelerator facilitates substantial savings by providing a viable alternative to expensive, bundled market data terminal products like 3000Xtra, particularly in conjunction with direct feeds, internal data and data from other vendors, such as IDC or Bloomberg. The compatibility mode can virtually eliminate cost and risk of change and allows migration to occur very swiftly.

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