Aquila Capital licenses Sophis Value software

Source: Sophis

Aquila Capital, the leading German specialist for alternative investment solutions, will employ Sophis Value software for trading, risk-control, and settlement purposes for all of its investment funds.

Throughout major investment banks, Sophis is considered as the benchmark application to run stress-tests on highly sophisticated security portfolios. This enables Aquila Capital to perform high-end simulations for all securities to estimate the impact of different market scenarios on the fund's performance. In addition, this software is capable to settle all transaction between back-office and front-office in a thorough and efficient manner.

After testing Sophis for a reasonable period of time, Aquila Capital will gradually switch all funds to Sophis with Aquila Vol Opportunity (German Single-Hedgefonds) and European Value Hedge to be first in line.

According to Mario Ledencan, Head of Derivatives Trading at Aquila Capital, Sophis Value is an outstanding and very powerful system. It will enhance Aquila's possibilities to manage diversified positions more efficiently and to scrutinize them on a real-time basis.

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