Verifi joins Demandware Link on fraud and risk management

Source: Verifi

Verifi, a provider of payment and risk management solutions, today announced it has joined Demandware Link, a best-of-breed technology partner community committed to removing the integration hurdles that retailers face when adopting ecommerce technologies.

Through this integration merchants will be able to easily add sophisticated payment authorization and fraud prevention tools to their ecommerce platform.

Demandware is ranked as the number one on-demand ecommerce platform, according to industry analysts. Its system is the foundation of more than 150 businesses, including many of the world's best-known retailers and brands. Fraud is a major challenge for ecommerce companies, yet most of them lack the tools, time and expertise necessary to effectively fight fraud. Verifi has partnered with Demandware to address this problem.

Verifi is integrating its solution within Demandware, both of which are offered via the software-as-a-service model, so customers can quickly and easily deploy a payment gateway and risk management tool within their ecommerce platform. Customers preferring to use their existing gateway can still leverage Verifi's risk management solutions via the integration to Demandware.

Fraud impacts every merchant differently, so the flexibility of Verifi's offering is important. Customers can create a custom solution tailored to their specific business by combining a variety of Verifi's proprietary and integrated third party fraud prevention tools to solve the changing needs unique to their businesses. Fraud sources are a constantly moving target; Verifi's engine gives merchants the flexibility to adjust the sensitivity of their tools and filters to create transaction control groups. Merchants can conduct A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of fraud rules and use the results to tweak the rules thereby ensure optimal performance.

Verifi thoroughly evaluates every third party vendor to determine the effectiveness of the technology by completing an in-depth regression analysis and rating of the technology relative to others; merchants are spared the need to test, integrate, or update these products on their own and working with Verifi ensures access to the most up-to-dateoost up-to-date and best-of-class fraud and risk management solutions available in the marketplace.

"We're thrilled to have Verifi as a member of our LINK community," said Zachary Cook, Technology Partner Manager for Demandware. "Through the integration, customers will get a best-of-breed payment gateway and fraud prevention tools that work naturally with the Demandware platform. As well, customers using the integrated solution will automate fraud identification, thereby reducing manual transaction review workload and enable the reallocation of valuable resources. And because our solutions are offered via the SaaS model, customers avoid the need to install, maintain or upgrade the products."

"Merchants feel powerless to stop fraud, but that doesn't have to be the case," said Cory Capoccia, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, for Verifi. "Our risk management tools and services are proven to significantly reduce fraud. When used in conjunction with Demandware, one of the top ecommerce platforms on the market, customers can prevent fraud, streamline online purchases, recover or save potentially lost revenue, and focus internal resources on growing the business. Verifi is excited to partner with Demandware and we aim to be the most comprehensive payment and risk management solution available in the Demandware LINK ecosystem."

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