Tabb Group establishes crisis and continuity services practice

Source: Tabb Group

Expanding its footprint and broadening the research and advisory services available to the financial industry, TABB Group today announced the launch of a new Crisis & Continuity Services practice.

The new division will be led by Alexander Tabb, a former Kroll Inc. associate managing director and 12-year US Foreign Service veteran, who is joining TABB Group as a partner and practice director.

According to Larry Tabb, CEO and founder at TABB, "The Crisis & Continuity Services is a business continuity and crisis management research and advisory practice. Gaining someone with Alex's corporate and government background, experience and expertise allows us to provide a higher level business continuity-focused service to executive managers in major financial markets' organizations around the world. Its mission is to provide the best possible risk mitigation consulting service for any type of private or publicly-traded business, financial firm and governmental or non-profit organization seeking to mitigate unforeseen risks, ensure continuity of operations and properly manage a crisis."

TABB Group is currently engaged in major consulting projects under Alex Tabb's direction in New York, Washington, D.C and Malaysia. "In New York, explained Tabb, "we're preparing to deliver a research project designed to provide a better understanding of the realities of business-continuity planning within the financial services market. In Washington, D.C, we have a six-person team providing critical insight and assistance in the field of business continuity and crisis management to one of the world's largest, most respected non-governmental organizations. In Malaysia, we are delivering on-site C-TPAT advisory services to one of the largest importers of technology goods to the United States."

An expert in the fields of business continuity, international security, supply chain security, travel safety and security and crisis management, Alex Tabb joined TABB Group in late 2004 from Kroll Inc., where he was the associate managing director of their Security Services Group.

Prior to joining Kroll in 2001, he spent 12 years in the United States Foreign Service. As a foreign service officer and a diplomat in the United States Department of State, Tabb served in Lusaka, Zambia, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Tuzla, Bosnia–Herzegovina and New York.

"At State, said Alex Tabb, "I gained an invaluable degree of security, crisis management and project management experience as an official representative of the US Government, serving as an economics and commercial officer in Eastern and Southern Africa."

During his first assignment in Lusaka Zambia, he served as the commercial officer, assisting firms interested in investing in Zambia, dealing closely with the Zambian Ministry of Trade and the Zambian government as a whole.

Following his tour in Lusaka, Tabb served in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as the senior economics and commercial officer, gaining first-hand experience dealing with complicated trade issues involving multilateral organizations, multinational corporations and the developing world. He also assisted the Tanzania Government and the US Government in gaining a better understanding of the institutional obstacles involved with rationalizing, overhauling and improving the services available within the Tanzanian port system.

During his foreign service career, he was involved with crises throughout the region and the world including: the sub-Saharan draught, 1991-93; the Zambian transition of government, 1991-1992; the start of the Zairian Civil War and evacuation of Shaba Province, 1993; the Rwandan/Burundian Genocide, 1994-1995; the Rwanda/Burundian Refugee crisis, 1994-1996; the capture and rendition of indicted war criminals from the Yugoslav Civil war, 1998-1999; and the United Nations, 1999-2001.

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